Welcome To The Parish of English Martyrs Danbury and
Holy Trinity South Woodham Ferrers

We warmly welcome Canon Peter Connor OFS, as our new parish priest.

Canon Peter writes … 14th September 2019

The mystery of the Mass continued:

Because of His love for us Christ was willing to endure whatever suffering and humiliation it took, even death itself, to win our hearts. He predicted, “When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself”, for He knows our hearts will always be restless until they rest in Him. The Cross is the definitive proof of God’s love for us, which is why Saint Paul would only preach about Christ, Crucified.

God can do no more to show how much He loves us. Every Mass is this very selfsame act of love; so, if we turn away from the Mass, we turn away from the Cross and so turn our backs on His love, we turn away from Him who alone gives us the means to love as He loves, because in and through the Mass He gives us Himself; when we turn away from the Mass, we turn away from the only means of maturity and human fulfilment, which is to behave like Him in whose image and likeness we have been made. In His passion and death, Jesus Christ held nothing back for our sakes, He didn’t count the number of lashes and punches, He didn’t measure the steps from Jerusalem to Calvary, He didn’t count the minutes while He hung on the Cross, He shed every last drop of blood in His body, every last bead of sweat, for us as individuals, with your name and my name on His dying lips. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the only perfect act of love our world will ever see, for this was God as well as man, unconditionally laying down His life for us.

When we make the effort to come to Mass yes, we come to worship and praise God, but we also come to Calvary, to stand at the foot of the Cross, to thank Him for what He has done for us and to tell Him we are sorry for causing Him such pain through our sins. We may be distracted by babies crying, we may not like the singing, we may not like how the priest speaks or what he has to say, we may not like the church building, but when we come to Mass we come to be present with Jesus Christ on Calvary, it is a unique, Divine activity, irreplaceable and with no equal; it is not a prolonged prayer meeting, or a sing-along, or a prologue to a cup of tea and a chinwag afterward.

Now, we know that what Jesus Christ did on Calvary was not the conclusion of what He had come to do on earth, because three days later He kept His promise, He walked out of the tomb, body and soul, not as a ghost or as a wishful figment of imagination on the part of His disciples: “Touch Me …, give Me something to eat …, look, here are My hands and feet, the marks of crucifixion still on them …, put your hand into the wound in My side,” said Jesus to His incredulous disciples. Through His Resurrection on Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ, our God and our Brother, conquered for us our last enemy, death. He now lives forever, as can we, if we sincerely try to follow His Way of unconditional, perfect love all through life, love for His Father in heaven, love for His neighbour here on earth. At every Mass we celebrate the death of Jesus, but we also celebrate His Resurrection, and it is His Risen, life-giving Body that we receive in Holy Communion, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, the whole Christ, really and truly present under the appearances of bread and wine, which enables us to share in His life and so to love as He loves, as He said, “If you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood, you will not have life in you.” You will not have My life in you which alone will help you to live and love as l do. To be continued.


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Our Parish Prayer

God Our Father, give us the grace to go about our tasks in a spirit of eagerness and charity. Grant that we may have the calmness of mind and steadiness of purpose, so that we may do your will in this short life, and obtain happiness in the world to come. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.