Thought of the Week


Something to think and pray about this week

We are on this journey to name and embrace sanctuaries—places of grace. Along this journey, some of us have named our sanctuaries. Some of us have discovered a place that has been there all along.
And some of us know how easy it is to forget or to allow the tide of life—busyness, obligations, misfortune, pain—to hide our sanctuary from us. In these times we need to help others create the sanctuary they need and offer help when they feel they cannot create or find it on their own.
Sanctuary is—after all the preaching is done—about liberation. And freedom. And grace. I know this now. Instead of preaching a sermon, many times it would have been more appropriate if I had dismissed the service and told the congregation to run out into the crowds of their day and hug everybody.

– Excerpted from Sanctuary by Terry Hershey