RCIA Current Program


A new RCIA group is now forming.

The RCIA is for adults wanting to learn about the Catholic Church. You may simply be curious about the Catholic Church or you may be interested in joining us. Or maybe you are a Catholic wanting to renew and develop your faith. In any event this programme is for you. And if you are a practising Catholic willing to share your faith with others we would love to have you join us. There is absolutely no obligation for non-Catholics to come to Mass or to join the Church unless they want to.

The formal sessions will be run weekly on Tuesday evenings in the Meeting Room at Holy Trinity Church South Woodham Ferrers from 8pm – 9:45pm. The first session will be on 11th September 2018.

For more details please contact Fr James or Lynne Pursell (lpursell@tiscali.co.uk) or complete the form on this website.

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RCIA Introduction Course

RCIA Sessions for 2018/19

The RCIA runs from when you get in touch until the following May. This is broken down into the following stages for 2018/19:

Anytime : Personal contact from those wanting to know more about Catholicism with a view to possibly becoming a Catholic. After the first contact there will be an initial informal meeting for a brief chat about the needs of the enquirer.

Sept 11th to Oct 16th: The 6 week Introduction sessions.
The first six sessions form a general introduction to Christianity from a Catholic perspective. These are particularly suitable for those who are currently not connected to any church or for those who want to know about Catholicism because they work with Catholics, have children at Catholic schools or are married to a Catholic.

Oct 30th to Dec 11th: 6 further sessions.
These next sessions are particularly for those who think they may be interested at some time in joining the Catholic Church although all are welcome. These give more information on subjects specific to the Catholic Church.

Jan 8th to March 5th: 8 sessions for the RCIA Catechumenate
These are the main instruction and faith development sessions for those intending to become Catholics. They are particularly centred on the Sacraments of the Church and the Catholic life.

March 12th to April 16th: 7 sessions for Lent
These are the sessions that lead up to Easter. They are focussed on the spiritual preparation of those who are to be received into the Church during the Easter Vigil.

April 18th to April 21st: The Easter Triduum and formal reception nto the Catholic Church.

April 30th to May 21st: 4 sessions for the RCIA to share the experiences of Easter and to look forward to an active life in the Church.