Our Mission

Our mission in Holy Trinity Church is to reach out to those in need.

Currently we support the following locally, nationally and internationally:-

Children’s Society

For over 130 years The Children’s Society has worked with the most disadvantaged children to help them have a good childhood and the opportunity to flourish in life. At the heart of our work is a commitment to listen to children, to hear and respond to their concerns, and to understand first-hand what more can be done to give them a better life. Members of our Church have supported the Children’s Society by having money boxes in their homes and those pennies soon mount up. Every September to January I collect in the boxes and then send a cheque to the Society. If you want to help by having a box then please talk to me. For all information please follow the  Children’s Society link for more information.

Christine Hardy

SWF Foodbank

The SWF Foodbank is now open every Wednesday between 1000-1200 in the New Life Church, Clements Green Lane.  Donations are welcome and should be put in the labelled box on the small round table in HT’s meeting room please; full list of wanted items & those not needed at present appended, including ‘Christmas specials’. Many thanks to donors; on 9 November I delivered a bag and a half full of items. Many thanks also to the volunteers who are getting this started.

We now need a few volunteers just to take our donations from HT to New Life Church on Wednesdays between 1000-1200; please let me know if you can help with this; many thanks.

Peter Blackman
HT Coordinator
01245 322079