Funeral Ministry

God’s love and power extend over all creation. Every life is precious to God. Christians have always believed that there is hope in death, as in life, and that there is new life in Christ over death.

Even those who share such faith find there is a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one. Those who mourn need support and consolation. At Holy Trinity you will find that support.

If you would like to discuss a funeral or memorial service, please contact our Vicar, Rev Carol Ball, phone 01245 322134 or by e-mail

Lord, you have said to us ‘Do not be afraid.’
When our sadness and grief feels overwhelming,
give us courage to carry on.
Lord, you have said ‘I will be with you’.
We thank you for your presence now.
Give us strength to live this day
and the difficult days to come.
Lord you have said ‘I am the Light of the World’.
Bring us through darkness into your marvellous light.