Diary Dates & Church Rosters


Church Rota 23rd June – 28th July 2019

Thursday Morning Services

Thursday Morning Service Jul – Aug 2019

Sunday School Programme

Sunday School Programme Spring to Summer 2019

Sunday Club Dates

14th July – Summer Party

Diary Date

Saturday 6th July

Church BBQ

Saturday 6th July 10.30am – 3.45pm

Bradwell Pilgrimage and Gathering.  A day of pilgrimage, worship, activities and talks for the whole family.  See Website for full details www.bradwellpilgrimage.co.uk.

MMU Prayer Dates

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MMU Morning Prayer April – August 2019


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July 2019 Compass Group Events

Calling You

The following are diary dates relating to the Compass Group of Church’

Please could you also bring to the notice of your churches the following events

Wednesday 11th September 7.30pm  at Sandon Compass Churches service followed by finger buffet

Sunday 22nd September Picnic and Songs of Praise for Compass churches at St. John’s Danbury 1pm picnic and 2pm Songs of Praise