Church Services & View from the Vicarage

Detailed below is a list of the regular Anglican Church Services and this weeks View from the Vicarage

Church Services

9.30am     First Steps (term times) for pre-school children and parents

10.00am    Joint Service followed by coffee in the meeting room. Everyone most            welcome
12.00        Lunch Group – Meeting Room EVERY FIRST Thursday of the month

7.45am    First Sunday Holy Communion – book of pray
10.00am   Parish Communion with Sunday School

Future Services

On the 1st Sunday of the month Reverend Carol will now be taking the 9.30am service at St Andrew’s Bicknacre.  This means the 1st Sunday of the month at Holy Trinity will be lay led and will take the form of a morning prayer service in place of the family service.   In November it is hoped that the children from TSM will be involved in the service and in December it will be the joint toy service with our Methodist friends who will be leading the service.

Please note that there will not be a 7.45am Eucharistic service on Sunday 3rd November but there is a Eucharistic service at St Andrew’s Bicknacre at 9.30am.

10th November is Remembrance Sunday and will be a joint service.  There will not be any tea/coffee after this service

Tuesday 19th November 8pm

Everyone is invited to attend the Chelmsford North and South Deanery Celebration Service at Chelmsford Cathedral at 8pm followed by refreshments.  Guest Speaker, Paul Hackwood.  Topic: Social Action and Church

1st December 10.30am

There will be the joint toy service with our Methodist friends who will be leading the service.  All toys donated to the Women’s Refuge


In our gospel reading today, Jesus warns of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.  It was an incredible prediction and must have been unbelievable to those who heard it.  The temple was HUGE, so big it seemed to be part of the rocky mount on which it stood.  It was central to the Jewish faith, a treasured building.  How could it be destroyed?  What do we treasure in our lives? What are things around us that have always been there – and we assume that they always will?  How would we cope if these things were gone?  Our news this week has showed us people who have lost their homes and livelihoods to flooding.  We can see the devastation and imagine how we would feel in their place.  Last week we remembered those who had lost their lives to war, we know the impact that war has on families and society as a whole.  Even our planet is under threat – people are breathing polluted air; environments are being destroyed.  We can take nothing, nothing for granted.  40 years after Jesus’ prediction, the Temple was indeed destroyed.  Although we must deal with the challenges of our modern world, Jesus wants us to be aware, that so many aspects of our lives are transient.  We must focus ourselves on that which is eternal, God’s love for us, and our response to that love.

Reverend Carol Ball