Church Services & View from the Vicarage

Detailed below is a list of the regular Anglican Church Services and this weeks View from the Vicarage

Church Services

9.30am     First Steps (term times) for pre-school children and parents

10.00am    Joint Service followed by coffee in the meeting room. Everyone most            welcome
12.00        Lunch Group – Meeting Room EVERY FIRST Thursday of the month

7.45am    First Sunday Holy Communion – book of pray
10.00am   Parish Communion with Sunday School

View from the Vicarage:

Back from Egypt – we had a lovely holiday, but it’s always nice to come home. In Egypt, we had no access to the internet and for our news we relied on a brief summary provided daily by the hotel.  It took me quite a while to get used to being so out of touch.  But do you know what?  Life outside the resort continued as normal.  No world leader, or political party, or climate activist, missed me at all!  I am obviously not as important as I’d like to think!  And I think this is a lesson well learned.  We can get bogged down in events that we cannot influence or control.  When Jesus tells us to love one another, we can look at our world and wonder why more people don’t follow this advice.  But we can’t influence or control all the peoples of the world, so we must look to ourselves.  How can we put Jesus’ new commandment into action?  Love your neighbour, love those who are difficult to love, forgive those who do you wrong.  We can do all this in the community around us, in our own relationships with others.  And, if everyone were to follow this commandment in their own communities, maybe we would eventually be able to influence the rest of the world.  Love begins at home.  Let’s start with that.  By this all will know that we are his disciples.  He is risen indeed!! Alleluia!!

Reverend Carol Ball