Church Services & View from the Vicarage

Detailed below is a list of the regular Anglican Church Services and this weeks View from the Vicarage.

Church Services

9.30am     First Steps (term times) for pre-school children and parents

10.00am    Joint Service followed by coffee in the meeting room. Everyone most            welcome
12.00        Lunch Group – Meeting Room EVERY FIRST Thursday of the month

7.45am    First Sunday Holy Communion – book of pray
10.00am   Parish Communion with Sunday School


Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig!  Happy St Patrick’s day!  When I was a child (Irish family, Roman Catholic School full of Irish Catholics), we would be festooned with cards from ‘home’ (Ireland), wishing us a happy day and decorated with real Irish shamrock which we would then pin to our school uniforms and head off to school.  By the end of the day the shamrock would have wilted, so we all looked like we had pinned some random, dying greenery to ourselves.  Nevertheless, Paddy’s  day was an important feast for us.  It’s funny, isn’t it, that we don’t really celebrate our national saints anymore?  Certainly St. Patricks Day used to bring Irish people together wherever they were in the world. I suppose that with our multicultural, multifaith society, we might feel more wary of causing offence.  But as I watched the news this week, I felt that what this country needs Is something to bring us together.  We all seem so divided now, and there is so much uncertainty.  It would be hard to set up some sort of ‘national day’, but we could develop a mindset of love and support for one another.  Last week I mentioned that Trinity St. Mary’s school were aiming to perform 40 acts of kindness during Lent.  This is a great way to develop a caring mindset.  Perhaps if we all try to rise above all the arguments and support each other, we will be able to get through the challenges we face.  No need to paint the town red, white and blue on St. Georges Day (or St. David’s Day or St. Andrew’s Day) just let’s develop an awareness that we are all in this together, and in the coming weeks and months we are going to have to work together to deal with whatever the future holds.

Reverend Carol Ball