Church Services & View from the Vicarage

Detailed below is a list of the regular Anglican Church Services and this weeks View from the Vicarage.

Church Services

9.30am     First Steps (term times) for pre-school children and parents

10.00am    Joint Service followed by coffee in the meeting room. Everyone most            welcome
12.00        Lunch Group – Meeting Room EVERY FIRST Thursday of the month

7.45am    First Sunday Holy Communion – book of pray
10.00am   Parish Communion with Sunday School


What is the most important part of the wedding day? If you are a Vicar and you ask this question of a couple planning their wedding they will often answer: ’Of course the ceremony itself, the wedding vows that we will make in the presence of God!’  They may feel this, but often they say this because they think it’s the answer a Vicar would want to hear. Actually, I am not sure that I 100% agree with them.  Don’t get me wrong – I do think the vows that are made reverently and responsibly in the sight of almighty God are very important – but a wedding day is so much more.  I usually open a wedding with a prayer that includes the following words: ‘We come rejoicing in everything this present moment has to offer, the reunion of family and friends, the fun, laughter and happiness we share, the joining together of husband and wife’.  When Jesus attended the wedding at Cana, the ceremony was over.  I think his Mother had attended the wedding and Jesus and his friends came along as ‘evening guests’. (Just my theory!)  Anyway, the wine runs out, and this dilemma is important enough for both Mary and Jesus to act.  Now there are many theological interpretations of this miracle (new wine, new covenant – washing away the old, bringing in the new, Jesus as the bridegroom in his future wedding to his church), but I like to think that Mary and Jesus recognised the importance of the reunion of family and friends, the fun, laughter and happiness we share, and they did something to keep the party going.  On occasions such as weddings, there is a renewal of family feeling, and a chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen since the last family wedding, and I believe this is an important part of a wedding celebration.  In War and Peace Aloysha says of this reading: ‘I love that passage: … Ah, that miracle! Ah, that sweet miracle! It was not men’s grief, but their joy Christ visited, He worked His first miracle to help men’s gladness … ‘He who loves men loves their gladness, too’.  Do we invite Jesus to our Joy as well as our sadness?  He is happy to help in both cases.  What is the most important part of the wedding day?  It’s all important in its own way.

Reverend Carol Ball