Church Services & View from the Vicarage

Detailed below is a list of the regular Anglican Church Services and this weeks View from the Vicarage

Church Services

9.30am     First Steps (term times) for pre-school children and parents

10.00am    Joint Service followed by coffee in the meeting room. Everyone most            welcome
12.00        Lunch Group – Meeting Room EVERY FIRST Thursday of the month

7.45am    First Sunday Holy Communion – book of pray
10.00am   Parish Communion with Sunday School


This week, I did three school assemblies.  I added it up.  Between Monday and Wednesday, I stood in front of nearly 500 children in three different schools.  My messages covered living in community, sharing and honesty.  It struck me that, in some ways, I had gone back to basics.  Simple messages about supporting each other, sharing what we have, and being honest.  It was quite refreshing.  We live in a complicated world, and we are often guilty of making it more complicated.  Same is true of our faith.  When we ask questions like: ‘Why does God allow this?’ ‘Where is God in this situation?’ ‘Why did Jesus have to die?’ the answers can be quite mind boggling.  And actually, I have been asked all these questions by children.  Jesus message was really quite simple: ‘Love one another’ (John 13:34).  When we face challenges, we can lose sight of this.  If we practice a simple faith, surely our lives would be easier.  Of course, we should ask difficult questions, but in our day to day lives we would do well to keep it simple.  I hope those 500 children will embrace those basic messages.  I hope we can all practice a simple faith in our complex world.

Reverend Carol Ball