Welcome to Holy Trinity Church

Our Church was dedicated in 1982. It is Jointly owned and shared by the Catholic Church, the Church of England and the Methodist Church.

Easter Cross

Holy Trinity South Woodham at Easter

Welcome to our shared website, please feel free to visit our three church websites, just click on the navigation buttons to the right or the pictures below to find out the latest information for each church.




To commemorate the 100years of the ending of the ending of World War 1 the pictures below show the “Tommy” statue fixed to the church as a mark of remembrance.

To ensure the three denominations maintain the church in a manner that benefits all Parishioners and ensures a coordinated approach to the running of the church there are three groups that take on this responsibility.

They are;

Joint Church Council
Fabric Committee
Worship and Outreach Committee

Minutes of the Joint Church Council meetings and other relevant information can be viewed by following the above link.

Please follow the JCC Members List 9.04.2019 link for all members and their roles in the church.

Methodist Church

Anglican Church

Catholic Church